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I am so backed up.

Taylor & I got married December 22, 2012 & on that same day, Sage was able to be sealed to us! How grateful we are to be able to be a forever family!

I just LOVE my life! I can’t stop looking at my baby girl sleeping next to me and thinking how lucky I am to have her. She is my life. She’s so beautiful & precious to me! Sometimes I want to just scoop her up out of her bed and cuddle with her all night. If only I could do that without waking her up and making her cry. I’d do it all of the time. She’s so touchy. Sometimes I whisper “I love you” in her ear when she is asleep and she starts waking up because she could feel my breath. Hahaha, I love her.

Sage is doing SO well! She is starting to “real” smile when she is happy. Doctors told us that she may never smile- and even being told that, I never was sad about it… I just knew in the back of my mind that she would smile some day- even if it took her longer than most babies. That is what is so great for Sage! Most babies have milestones and expectations they are meant to achieve at a certain age. When they don’t, parents start to panic and doctors begin to worry. Sage, however, isn’t “most babies”. She is herself- Special & Unique :) Sage doesn’t “meet” or “miss” her milestones. She isn’t on a schedule because most don’t expect that she can be. Everything she does is on her own time & when it happens, it just makes her being able to do those things that much more special and memorable!

Sage is 4 months old now. I can’t even believe I’ve had this sweet girl for 4 months already! Time goes by a lot faster than you are led on to believe. It’s literally just FLYING by! I’m having so much fun going out and buying her clothes and toys. I just want to keep buying and buying. IF ONLY! It’s been so much fun interacting with her and learning what she does and doesn’t like! I think I’m starting to catch on:) She LOVES anything that crinkles and jingles… but it can’t just crinkle and jingle… SHE has to make it crinkle and jingle. Otherwise, forget about it. HAHA! I love her sweet little personality. She’s so playful! She’d rather be left to her toys then held and cuddle most of the time. She smiles the most on her play mat then anywhere else!

She has been doing so great! We can’t thank our Heavenly Father enough for how amazing she is doing. She has an eye doctor appointment in March to help us understand more of how much she is able to actually see. I’m excited but a little bit nervous! She also has a shunt check up with neurology in June. Will keep you posted! Until then… :)