Pretty Girl & Baby Food

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I have not written in about a century! Blogging is just too time consuming (in my mind).

Everyone’s like “you need to get on that horse!” & I’m like “um, no. I hate horses…”

A part of me does kind of want to trot off into the blogging sunset; I mean, it sounds nice & I enjoy reading other stories from those who do— but every time I try, it’s like one foot is clear up on the horses back and the other is dragging violently behind me as the dumb thing goes running off before I’m even on board.

So… with that said, I apologize ahead of time if this blog entry sucks. I’m not too savvy with this whole “blog etiquette” deal (i.e. look below), so sorry if I fail to come up to par with the blogging standards of “now”. Or whatever… YOLO! (amiright!?!?)

Blah, blah, blah… right. Sage girl is doing fantastic! She will smile all of the time now (assuming she has been fed, burped, and it hasn’t been 2 hours past the time she has eaten). We are so proud of her and all that she has achieved! She is even starting to eat solids now! We have her on rice cereal only (for now) and in about a month we will be allowed to give her mushy fruits and veggies. We are so excited to introduce flavors to our little princess! She is doing surprisingly well with the rice cereal as we were all a little unsure (including her pediatrician) on how well she would do being spoon fed. Obviously we still have to give her a bottle after, but what baby (just barely starting solids) is a pro at keeping enough of it in their mouths to become full? Or full before they become frustrated? I can’t think of any— then again, I never cared much for kids before Sage to confidentially say that I believe that there is no child out there who is not capable of eating to their fill. Regardless, we are so happy that Sage is doing so well & being such a good girl with trying & learning new things!

Sage has been splendidly progressing in her own ways. She is not completely caught up on what would be considered her age’s “milestones”. She hates tummy time more than ever and will scream and scream until we flip her back over onto her back, haha (little stink). She can almost roll over! She is so close! She will get 3/4 of the way over and then just give up and roll back onto her back or get stuck on her side. She isn’t able to sit up yet, which we believe is for the same reason she isn’t able to completely keep her head up for long periods & roll over. Her weight is just too much for her little body still! She just doesn’t have the strength (even though she is a strong little booger, I’ll give her that). She is in the 100th percentile in head size still, 94th percentile in weight (because of her head), and is in the 57th percentile in length! How my baby is in the 57th percentile in length, I will never know.

 So Happy! Oh Daddy! Why!? Snuggle Bug♥

None of these fall backs really matter though. I am just glad that she is a happy girl & that we, as her parents, are able to make her smile and give her love! She is our everything! I will never care if she can’t walk, crawl, and talk. I have never once asked myself “why?” & I will never question why Sage decided to come to Taylor and me. Why should I? There is nothing wrong with her. She is more perfect than I could EVER hope to be. I hate how the world takes something so magnificent and warps it into something terrible. A disability is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not wrong or gross. It’s not sad or pathetic… God made us in his own image, & Sage is perfect. To me, she is more like him than any of us are! That’s something beautiful, I think.  She is the best thing that has ever happened to Taylor and Me & I know Heavenly Father sent her to us to get Taylor & Me back home someday. Sage makes me want to be a better person. She makes me want to do what is right. If she goes home before I do (& even if she doesn’t), I want to make sure I did everything that I possibly, POSSIBLY, could to be able to be with my princess when we I get called home someday. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

All Ready for Church!