Almost a year!

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Sorry for the gap!

I don’t really have an excuse. Just doing the whole mommy/house wife/work thing… oh & video games.

I cannot believe Sage is already almost a year old! She will be a year in 17 more days. I can’t even believe it. Where has the time gone!? Our whole house is busy getting ready for her 1st birthday party!

Who am I kidding, Taylor hasn’t helped and Sage certainly can’t. I’m more excited about this party than the appreciation I’ll get for all of the time and effort I put into it… but that’s just kids, isn’t it? & I guess husbands could care less about a woodland, fairy princess party (unless your husband is a fairy. HAHA. Don’t get offended).

My mom & I took some pictures of Sage the other day for her birthday invitations. We decided to not waste a a butt ton of money on “professional” pictures where the girls there mangle my daughters body into a Picasso art piece and pathetically attempt to make her smile. Her 6 month old pictures… seriously? I can take better pictures with a disposable camera and I’m no where near professional like they claim to be. I wish I hadn’t paid them for 20 pictures of Sage sobbing. I can take a million of those at home. She’s not skimpy with her tears like she is her smiles. BUT, the pictures we took of Sage at home turned out pretty well!


So jealous she has those pretty eyes… & I’m jealous for the rest of my future kids as well because they are gonna get their mama’s turdy brown eyes & her boring brown hair… What a yawn combination. & I worry that I’ll think Sage is the prettiest and wish my other kids looked more like her. Haha, no. Well, at least I hope that doesn’t happen. How sad would that be!?