Birthday Girl!

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Sage turned ONE on Oct. 24th (a Thursday)! We cannot believe how big she is getting. It’s hard for me to believe I have a ONE YEAR OLD!


ME! I went from never wanting kids, EVER— to having the most beautiful one year old whom I love unconditionally. HAHA! I can’t believe I never wanted kids. Well… sometimes I still think that way. not about NOT having kids, but things that come with having kids (if that even makes sense)… like throw up & the endless attitude. I can do without those things. But I don’t think I could do without Sage. My life would be so lonely without her! & boring. She puts a LOT of excitement into our  lives. & I mean A LOT. Probably sometimes more than we need. Like the kind of excitement that causes a heart attack & therapy sometimes.

But it’s all good. We’re thrill seekers anyway, so she was right to choose us as parents. I think Taylor & I are now just figuring out that we’re not as tough as we think we are & that’s okay too.

She had a great birthday! I had so much fun gathering all of her birthday decorations and setting them up. Actually, I got a little obsessive with the whole thing which sucks when you are working on a budget. We even took glamour shots (by yours truly & Grandma Yuko) of Sage & personalized a first birthday card for her. BUTHOWCANYOUNOT!?

Family & friends from both sides of the family came to share Sage’s first birthday with us. & since this is obviously an exciting time in Sage’s life & such a huge accomplishment, it made sense that Sage would sleep through her ENTIRE birthday party— missing everything from cutting the birthday cake, to opening presents, saying our goodbyes, & cleaning up afterwards. Taylor & I are in serious trouble when Sage becomes a teenager. I don’t know how we will control this party girl daughter of ours.

I will post pictures from Sage’s party on this page as soon as I get them on my computer. I’m a natural slacker, so don’t count on it being soon. Just know they will be here in time.