Jingle Bells

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We’ve successfully made it through the second Christmas as a married couple! I know for all of you old timers, you probably don’t understand the significance of this or have forgotten (or flat out don’t care), but it truly is a great accomplishment.

Somehow Taylor isn’t murdered, Sage is still alive, and I’m not in a mental institution or prison. That’s somethin’ to hallelujah about!

I’ve decided Christmas is too stressful for me and I’m thinking about cutting the whole ‘presents’ deal out of our list of “family traditions” with our other kids. You can’t miss what you’ve never had! & if I hear them complain once, they are going to get a talking to about “being grateful for what you have” and how “there are plenty of other kids who don’t celebrate Christmas with presents and they are still alive” and “just the fact that you are crying over presents already means you’re too spoiled”

But knowing me, that won’t happen. I’ll get pushed around by my other kids just as much as miss Sage pushes me around. & she’s perfected it too! She doesn’t have to say or do much for me to completely engulf her in all of the love, happiness, & fun that she could EVER want. Not that I sometimes don’t love her or want to make her happy or let her have fun… sometimes I’m just not in the mood. I guess you could call it my “moodless moments”, but she’s learned how to force me out of those moods (!?how can it be a mood if it’s moodless?!). Which is good for her— and me. No one else knows how.

ANYWAY! I really don’t even know what I was talking about now. It’s been a pointless ramble so far. Christmas? Well, I think Taylor & I were more excited about opening the presents we got for Sage (even knowing what they were) more than she was. Sage mostly just sat in her bouncer, quietly happy kicking her little feeties while mommy & daddy piled opened presents on top of her tiny, baby body. I did help her rip open one of her Christmas presents by grabbing her little hands and making her pull the paper by pinching her thumb and pointer finger together over the paper… but she screamed at me & it was over.

Did I mention that Santa came and saw our little Sage?

2014-01-07 10.29.50 1

We also had a chance to talk to my little brother, Willum B., in Canada who is on his mission there. Still the same old William. Nothing has changed (between our sweet sibling relationship). I guess you could say he is more spiritual, but it’s really hard to say that without spitting water all over the computer screen. He’s still really awkward when I show him Sage over Skype. Like, he doesn’t know if talking to her will make her explode or something… so he doesn’t. HAHA! But, I get it. I mean, I was like that before I was surrounded by little kids. It just takes a minute to get back in the swing of things after being out of the loop for so long. For Pete’s sake! Andy is almost 16. I hardly call that a baby anymore (don’t get me wrong, he still IS a baby, just not as much in comparison to Sage).

Christmas otherwise was really good! Tiring, of course. It’s one of the most straining holidays on this green earth. But we had a fun time hanging out with our families! It’s kind of a weird change for me to have so much family involved in our lives. I mean, I guess for Taylor that has just always been normal, but my family was never like that. We couldn’t be. Everyone lived so far away from each other that it was impossible to get together… so having family so involved in our lives has been really hard for me to get use to. I’m learning to love it though! & I of course already love Taylor’s family entirely!

Anyway, hope everyone had a merry Chirstmas & the happiest holiday EVER!