Playa Del Carmen ♥

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So, last week our little family was privileged enough to go to Playa Del Carmen on a “business trip” provided by the BEST boss (& neighbor) in the world! You know, for business… like the beach volleyball kind.


This was my very first time to Mexico… in fact, I think it was Taylor’s first time too. & It definitely was Sage’s first time (but who knows! For all I know, she could have been flying around Mexico before she was born into my tum-ach!).

Best Family Picture

(This is the best family picture of us (even though I look like a gremlin). All of us smiling. RARE)

Sage impressed us all on this trip. I had nightmares of leaving her Keppra at home or allergies sending us all to the hospital… in MEXICO (apparently their hospitals haven’t had the best reviews since… well, since they were Mexico). I also worried a lot for the other in-flight buddies having to deal with Sage’s scream-cries that sometimes overcome her tiny body, but explode like a vicious volcano. Not that I’d be embarrassed or anything. Just that people on the plane better deal with it or I’d deal with them… & since my punch is like that of Chuck (were on a first name basis now), I’d feel really bad if I had to unleash on some poor woman giving my family the stink eye.

Needless to say, we felt like pretty Sh*tty people when another lady on flight brought around bags of candies & ear plugs for everyone as an advance apology in case her children were demons… though it was 3-1. She had triplets! Can you even imagine!? I figure those guys were a couple of one uppers anyway. Who even LIKES jolly ranchers!? I ate them anyway… but I wasn’t happy about it.

Of course Sage did AMAZING! Slept the entire way on BOTH flights! Well… both flights on the way to Mexico at least. She may have thrown up after screaming on the flight back and was being impossible to console… Also, she exploded poop on the flight and of COURSE there was no baby bed in the bathroom to change her on… but that’s another story we are not even going to dip into. Tragic.

Sage slept really well the first two nights—

and then realized that “hey, it’s just Mexico”, and quickly fell back into her old sleepless habits.

If only I could grab those little cheekies of hers and make her understand that people sleep at night. They do NOT play and scream until mommy & daddy finally give up. I guess she just really loves the beach. So do we, baby Sage, so do we.

Let me clarify— Sage HATES the ocean. & she’s not a really huge fan of the sand either. She likes laying on lawn chairs on the sand by the ocean. We dipped her little baby toes into the ocean and she flung her little arms out and screamed. Sorry baby! Luckily there was a huge pool that was part of the resort we stayed at and they had a kiddy pool. Sage didn’t like it at first, but then decided it was okay and it was actually kind of fun and nice to be in the water.

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 preset  Processed with VSCOcam with n3 preset


Sage has no idea how much she lucked out on this trip! If it weren’t for the firm, we would never have had the means necessary to go on a trip like this AND have it be at an all inclusive resort. In fact, I doubt that any of my future children will get to go to Mexico… with us (I don’t care what they do when they start earning their own money).

Thank you to the best boss/neighbor ever. & Thank you for being so nice a thoughtful towards our little family (though I’m sure you’ll never read this, we truly are grateful).