Beautiful Sage

Just Sage♥

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I have not written on here about Sage girl in a while. SO much has happened since the last entry. Sage got a shunt placed the end of November. Taylor and I took Sage to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake at the beginning of November to get an MRI of her head done because we had noticed that it was increasing in size with every pediatric visit. Instead of a curve on the charts for head size (which is considered normal), hers was going straight up. Though Sage’s pediatricion did get us…read more

Sage’s Sleepover

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving, which means… the day after was Black Friday. My mom and I got an early start and left the house at 9:40 Thursday night. That was the first night I had been away from Sage until the next morning without her being steps away from me! I never knew how hard being away from baby girl could be! I missed her so much!!! Especially when I got home to a quiet, Sageless bedroom. :( I realized then that I wouldn’t trade my sleepless nights with her for…read more

One Month :)

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Sage is a month old now! She is getting so big ♥ I couldn’t believe how big she was getting looking through her pictures! Sage’s doctors appointments are finally starting to ease up too, which is nice because they all sort of began meshing together and I started to get confused of which appointments were on which days. This was Sage during one of her bilirubin treatments :) She had another hearing test at the beginning of this month for her left ear, which she did not pass. The doctor…read more


Sage is here!

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On the 24th of October, our home was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  Sage is diagnosed with hydranencephaly – a congenital condition in which the cerebral hemispheres are absent.  We were told to expect the worse, but we ended up getting the best.  We absolutely LOVE Sage. Welcome to our family Sage!